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Steel Division

Our customers are steel producers and other high-temperature industries. Vesuvius is a world leader in the supply of refractory products, systems and solutions.

These help our customers increase their efficiency and productivity, enhance quality, improve safety and reduce their costs and their environmental impact.


Vesuvius’ Steel Division reported revenues of £1,496m in 2022, an increase of 28% compared to 2021 and 19% on an underlying basis, reflecting the benefits of the business acquired from Universal Refractories for the first full year and a particularly strong performance in the key markets of NAFTA, India and South America, where revenue grew by 33%, 31% and 30%, respectively.







Business Units


Steel Flow Control

The Vesuvius Flow Control Business Unit supplies the global steel industry with consumable ceramic products, systems, robotics, digital services and technical services. These products are used to contain, control and monitor the flow of molten steel in the continuous casting process. 

The continuous casting process enables steel manufactured from a blast furnace or an electric arc furnace to be cast without interruption, whilst protecting it from the atmosphere. Avoiding atmospheric contact is crucial as it significantly reduces contamination and oxidation of the steel being produced.


Steel Advanced Refractories

Vesuvius’ Advanced Refractories Business Unit supplies complete value-added solutions to its customers, including specialist refractory materials and advanced installation technologies, which harness mechatronic solutions, computational fluid dynamics capabilities and lasers.

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Steel Sensors & Probes

The Sensors and Probes Business Unit offers products to customers to enable them to make their underlying processes more efficient and reliable.

The Business Unit focuses on providing a range of products that enhance the control and monitoring of our customers’ production processes, complementing Vesuvius’ strong presence and expertise in molten metal engineering.

Steel Manufacturing Process

Steel manufacturing is a highly demanding process for which consistent quality and efficient production is essential. Our products, systems and solutions enable this through every part of the process, from blast furnace all the way to the end of production in the rolling mill.